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A Professional Development Course to Help Develop Classroom Leaders

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Presented by Coach Toni,
Founder & CEO of
Coach Toni's Table.

When many think of school leadership, the first thought is an admin role such as a dean or principal, it is time to shake that mindset and understand that not only does school leadership include those positions, but that a school's most important leaders...are it's teachers!

Coach Toni has her bachelors in mathematics and her masters in mathematics education. She is the founder of Play.Math.Grow, a student life coaching company and its parent company: Coach Toni’s Table, a networking and connections entity. Coach Toni has been formally teaching math as a professionally certified teacher for 5 years and has been running Play.Math.Grow for 10 years. Play.Math.Grow LLC exists primarily to help bridge the gap between academic need and everyday life but also offers a wide range of services: tutoring, test prep, standardized exam prep, high school application assistance, college course guidance, student life coaching and more.

Coach Toni has successfully made connections between the leadership coaching that she has received to run her business and her classroom strategies and is now ready to share with other classroom professionals how they too can have a leadership mindset from the classroom table. 

In this P.D. we will cover

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Recycling in the Classroom

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