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Set The Table exists to help drive teachers by using their motivations and prior knowledge to focus on facilitating students' growth and health in fidelity while making sure that their math theory is strong enough to withstand  various problem solving methods, state standard language, and classroom inquisitions.  In addition to the services listed below, a professional development, coaching session, or service can be customized to meet the individual needs of a school or district as Set The Table is an adaptive systems consultant looking to meet the distinct needs of each school.

School Mindset

This 2 hour PD looks at the goals for the school year and what steps need to be taken to set up for success. 

  • Developing Classroom Systems

  • ​What does classroom leadership look like ( and what doesn't it look like)?

  • Preparing for Student Personalities

  • Pay students in their currency

  • What role does tech play in your classroom and in your student's lives?

  • Math as a foreign language

  • Mentality around 'I don't know'

Self Care PD

This 5 min PD (advertised to teachers as 1 or 2 hours) is only to be booked when teachers have no other obligations for the day as my script will be: "Thank you for your service and sacrifice, have a wonderful day." Teachers will be promptly dismissed. (Service can be performed virtually)

Math Talks Coaching

Coach Toni will conduct classroom observations specifically around math practice in the classroom and provide feedback to teachers and administrators. It is suggested that this service is booked at least once per month to maintain a consistent cycle of assessment, feedback and progress over the entire school year. If booked as a cycle, this service does allow for demo lessons to be included as needed. Coach Toni will not perform any demo lesson services without having first observed the class for which the demo is requested.

Creating Classroom Culture


Positive classroom culture is the bedrock of successful teaching and student achievement. A well-curated classroom not only creates an environment conducive to learning but also fosters a positive, engaging, and inclusive atmosphere where students can thrive.

This session is tailored to empower your teaching staff with the skills, strategies, and techniques needed to excel in classroom management. This comprehensive program, best coupled with The Classroom Audit For Systems service equips teachers with the knowledge and tools to create harmonious and productive learning spaces.

Key Highlights:

  1. Proven Strategies Usage

  2. Positive Behavior Reinforcement: 

  3. Conflict Resolution

  4. Classroom Routines and Systems

  5. Inclusivity and Differentiation

  6. Data-Driven Decision-Making

  7. Crisis Prevention and Intervention

  8. Peer Learning and Collaboration

By investing in "Creating Classroom Culture" you are not only empowering your teachers to create orderly, engaging, and student-centered classrooms but also ensuring that your school fosters an environment where all students can thrive academically and socially.

Teachers will be equipped with practical tools and strategies to realistically enhance their classroom culture building skills, resulting in improved student behavior, engagement, and overall academic achievement.

Conceptual Defense of Mathematics Workshop

Achieving true conceptual understanding in mathematics and then effectively engaging students in the learning process can be a rewarding yet challenging endeavor.


This workshop (time lengths may vary) goes through a grade's state's math standards that will be covered in the upcoming quarter or trimester and its pre-requisites. We will dive into what it means to understand these standards conceptually and procedurally, engage with practice problems and discuss strategies for lesson planning, groupings, differentiation student centered instruction and test preparation. 

Key Highlights:

  1. Conceptual Understanding

  2. Engagement Strategies

  3. Differentiated Instruction

  4. Real-World Applications

  5. Assessment for Learning

  6. Inquiry-Based Learning

  7. Technology Integration

  8. Collaboration and Peer Learning: 


It is suggested that this service is booked at least 3 times per school year.

Teachers will leave this professional development session with a deeper conceptual understanding of mathematics, a toolkit of engaging instructional strategies, and a renewed enthusiasm for teaching math. As a result, students will benefit from a more meaningful and enriching math education that equips them with lifelong problem-solving skills.

Classroom Audit for Systems

Developing Systems are important for a successful classroom culture. One big misconception is that being organized is the same as having systems. For this service Coach Toni will observe a classroom period followed by a debrief of systems strategies that will assist in optimizing classroom space, time and communication. 

Virtual School Trip

Coach Toni can create standards based lesson plans based on travel to a different state and engage with students virtually live through zoom where they 'choose their own adventure' and interact with professionals and attractions of that state. 

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What Students, Parents, and Colleagues Say:

Parent of Julian C.

Good afternoon...This is Mrs [C} I was sitting in with Julian during your class today. I want to tell you thank you for being 100% real with our children. Society does set on beautiful brown and black children to fail. It's a hard reality for them to know and face that but with that knowledge our children can thrive to do better then what society expects!"

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