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Welcome! If you are seeing this page, chances are, social media brought you here. If you are looking for something that you have seen on TikTok or Instagram, feel free to scroll and click on the applicable links.  If you would like to contact EV's mom, please use the contact button below. Don't forget to teach your kids something new everyday! - Coach Toni (EV's mom).


P.S: If you feel moved by the work we have been doing and would like to support our future endeavors, please use the donate button or bless the cashapp $playmathgrowLLC !  Thank you in advance!

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The human brain processes experiences at the FASTEST rate ever between the ages of 0 and 3 years old. Grab this e-book to understand how to develop the right mindset needed to take advantage of these years.

Children who enter kindergarten behind their peers academically are more likely to stay behind for the rest of their education. Learn the strategies you need to optimize your child's learning from birth to 3 years old! Ask questions and get specific tips for your child! What is the difference between the e-book and the webinar you ask? The e-book provides a framework for your future interactions, the webinar is more of a personalized workshop that gives more specific strategies for immediate use.


Coach Toni performs home visits that allow for observations of current routines and implementation of learning opportunities within what is already happening within the home. 

Coach Toni has been a math educator for over 10 years. She is now an educational consultant and helps teachers across the nation develop their pedagogy. Click to learn more about EV's mom.

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Music is a powerful tool to help develop memory. This album addresses conceptual and procedural learning of multiplication. Grab yours today!

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Use these resources to help students learn about fractions in a conceptual way



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