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About The Writing On The Board

Hi! I am Coach Toni!


I am a mathematics educator who is passionate about educational equity.


In my journeys through education, as a student, an educator, and as a parent, I have found that there are many obstacles that often get in the way of the goal of educational equity for all. There is often a discord (mainly a systemic discord, not necessarily a school one although school-housed discords exist too!) between the major participants of education: Parents, Teachers, Admin, and Students.  There are many Memes that float around the internet about the plight of teachers during Covid, the lack of respect for teachers' time, exorbitant demands, low pay and much more. These topics and many others are rarely formally talked about due to fear of retribution, or in the case of at will employees like myself, termination.


The Writing On The Board hopes to be a platform to discuss the major trends of frustration in the educational field.


There is a form field at the bottom of this page that allows anyone who desires to submit their thoughts about what needs to change within the education system. I encourage you to use it if you need a quick vent session (please do not use real names of students if your stories need names), have a concern that you would like for the education community to think about, or would like to leave a comment for the podcast team in general. I will read them all, catalog them, and discuss the ones I choose on my podcast. I will also be reaching out to educators, teachers, parents, and admin to join me in conversation if I see certain topics trending that deserve more than my commentary alone.


Our hope is that that this anonymous forum and podcast will give educators, parents, students, and admin who TRULY care about achieving educational equity for all: 

a safe place to vent,

a way to hear the unfiltered opinions of others,

a conversation starter for school staff meetings around the country, and 

a way to impact positive change in our school system.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, almost all 50 states reported teacher shortages for the new school year. This pandemic has accelerated a teacher shortage that has been years in the making! It's time to read The Writing On The Board!

Welcome to my podcast

-Coach Toni M.Ed

Write It Out!

Use TWOTB's anonymous portal to express your thoughts/feelings about what you would like to see change about your education system. The more details you give (besides your name and/or the actual name of others), the better.


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What is your position in education?

Thanks for submitting! Coach Toni will be reading your submissions!

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